February 18, 2018: Katsucon

This year, I was extremely lucky to be able to present a panel at Katsucon. I spoke about Satoshi Kon’s representation of otaku, a subject I wrote about in college and was so happy to share with a full house. I was so happy that everyone loved the topic and I can’t wait to do more!

While I was waiting for my panel, I walked around the con with Steve and took some photos of the phenomenal cosplay. I will always be in awe of the work each person puts into their cosplay.

Wirt from ‘Over the Garden Wall’


Princess Mononoke mask in process


Cuphead and Mugman

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April 30, 2017: Shoot with Rachel and Christina

I was lucky enough to photograph my good friend, Rachel, and her sister, Christina, as a gift for their mom for Mother’s Day. It was my first time doing an actual shoot for clients and it was such a fun time! I sweated myself into a puddle thanks to good ol’ D.C. swamp weather but it was worth it for these amazing photos. I also finally touched the Washington Monument despite living in the D.C. area for pretty much my whole life.

I would love to do more shoots like this in the future, so please get in touch to set something up!





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Happy Mother’s Day to My Amazing Chef Mama

Yes, Mother’s Day was technically yesterday, but that won’t stop me from posting about my amazing mother. This was my first photoshoot ever and I’m so glad it was with my mom working with what she loves most (besides her kids, obviously): food. She is currently the executive chef at the Lighthouse Bistro in Annapolis, a restaurant that works with the Lighthouse Shelter to employee its residents. My mom has poured literal blood, sweat, and tears into opening this restaurant. I couldn’t be more proud and inspired by her work.

Her food has shaped my entire life, from simple dinners to holiday feasts to delicious homemade birthday desserts. My whole life is food thanks to her. She gave me my passion for the culinary world. Photographing it, not cooking, let’s be clear.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom, I love you.




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April 14, 2017: Barkfest

I work at National Geographic, which by itself is pretty amazing, especially with my love of photography. But ever better, we recently had BarkFest, where employees brought their adorable pups to our courtyard and I got to run around squealing with my camera for 2 hours. Best job ever? Quite possibly.


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April 22, 2017: March for Science

This past weekend, I stood out in the rain all day with my fellow nerds to march for science. I was able to hear scientists from all over the world speak about why we need to keep funding the sciences. A forensic scientist spoke about how her field has been absolve the falsely convicted. Astronauts spoke about the breath-taking view of our planet from space. Bill Nye emphasized the need for science. A little girl from Flint, Michigan spoke about how science saved her life, despite the ongoing water crisis.

While I did not study science, I work for a company that is about all fields of science. My every day job revolves around scientific discoveries, conservation efforts, space exploration, and more. We need science more than ever and our president has to realize that.


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January 21,2017: Women’s March on Washington

While I go through and edit photos from today’s climate march, I wanted to share some of my favorites from January’s Women’s March. This was an incredibly inspiring and exhausting experience. It was mind-boggling to see so many people from all over the country, and even the world, come to Washington, D.C. in reaction to the inauguration and the need for gender education, awareness, and equality.

To paraphrase one of my favorite signs, feminism needs to be intersectional or it is bullshit. Don’t just think about feminism from your perspective. Listen to other women: women of color, trans women, disabled women, indigenous women, any woman. Feminism cannot just be about white, cisgender women. We need to acknowledge our privilege and listen, not speak over, other groups.

This march was the moment I realized I want to use my camera to capture these types of emotionally-charged moments and share them however I can. I’m proud of how my photography has been changing over the past few months and am so glad I can share them with all of you.

I’ll post my March for Science photos early next week!


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April 14, 2017: Cherry Blast Festival

Last weekend I was able to attend Events DC’s Cherry Blast Festival at Dock 5 at Union Market. Cherry Blast was small street festival to celebrate the end of the Cherry Blossom festival, as well as indulge in some of the best East and Southeast Asian cuisine in the area. Chefs from Maketto, Thip Kao, and Daikaya, as well as others, set up stands, full of freshly-cooked dishes. I went to gorge myself and try Japanese whiskey, so the event didn’t disappoint.

Predictably, the line was nonstop for the pork ramen from Paper House, but my favorite was a tie between Bantam King’s sweet and sour fried chicken and a cherry blossom mousse/rhubarb compote donut.


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April 9, 2017: 7DrumCity Potluck

I’m lucky to have friends that are so involved in the local music community. I was able to attend 7DrumCity’s potluck a few weeks ago and meet some amazing musicians, eat some delicious food, and meet the studio’s dog. Despite its stuffy reputation, D.C. is so full of art.

Make sure to check out 7DrumCity if you want lessons or a place for your band to practice. The staff is so friendly and accommodating. I am biased, though, since Nikhil is a close friend of mine!


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